Forgetting to learn

It’s so important for us to grab every opportunity to behave Professionally. Building our “professional expertise”, and striving to be experts in our field is essential to that. Important to note that our “field” is not Maths or English or PE…it’s learning.

My Mind's Museum

Why, as a teacher, do you engage in professional learning? Do you go to a workshop with a specific idea you’d like to cultivate or challenge? Do you read a book knowing what knowledge you want to build? Do you listen to a particular podcast or use Twitter or comment on a FaceBook post in order to learn something specific, or is the engagement itself enough?

In Australia, teachers are now being held accountable to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers – which is not a bad thing. The Standards are a range of proficiencies by which a fair observer might evaluate the demonstrable work of a teacher. I think it’s good to have minimum standards if we are to promote ourselves as a modern, professional body of experts. Naturally, I’m not sure those outside the profession hold us to such high esteem, but perhaps that’s for another post.


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