It’s time to kill the timetable 

Love this post, love the idea of disruptive thinking about schooling…however, I’m feeling a bit jaded about the capacity of our education system to change.

Maybe it’s the fact that we are a system…we’re too big – and lack an “agile” culture – small pockets of innovation are rapidly stifled…

Can’t help but think that structural change needs to play a part…so how do we get buerocrats to see it? Bring on the tipping point!

Innovative Pedagogy - Dean Pearman

On a recent trip to Ballarat and visiting Sovereign Hill (which was ace, if you live in Melbourne go there!) it became very obvious that schools haven’t moved on for years! Dare I say hundreds of years. Students sit in rows, move in blocks of time, every second is timetabled. Stepping back to Ballarat of the 1800’s the School resembled so much of what schools still look like today. A room with rows, a board, sit, be quiet and learn. When will we get it? There is so much talk about moving schools into contemporary learning places but how much is actually getting done and what is stopping us? Are we slaves to final year examinations? Is the University entrance process flawed and not supporting 21st competencies? We know examinations don’t assess the skills required to thrive in the 21st century. Yet we are still following a system that is…

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