What are your Non-Negotiables – Part 1

At the start of the year, our leadership team was challenged to “define what you stand for.” Everyone comes to education from a different perspective, and it is essential that your team knows the philosophy that is driving your approach to it. So in the spirit of reflective writing, this is what I stand for.

Teaching is a privilege, not a right. As educators there is a fine line to balance our “rights” as employees against the incredibly privileged position that we are placed in. We change the world one conversation at a time, and the impact of each and every conversation – each and every day cannot be underestimated. At times, we need to do more than what we’re asked…in fact it’s those moments that I treasure the most. As a leader, I will recognise the importance of every conversation and do more than what I’m asked to support the team to make a difference.

All teachers are experts in designing learning experiences to empower students to engage with THEIR world as effective citizens. This is our core business… . There are no formula’s to this, it is an Art not a Science. Curriculum documents provide the guidance, the architectural concept – but as Professionals, we design the house. We sequence the construction and select the materials and connect it to its surroundings. Continuing the housing metaphor, the dangers of a Kit Homes approach (once size fits all…follow the textbook / computer program) risks de-professionalising our workforce…and if we go down that path, computers can do it better. As a teacher, I will strive to build my expertise in this area…as a leader, I will encourage all approaches and empower teachers to develop and exercise their professional judgement.

28 Minutes is up…I’ll continue this post tomorrow night…but in the meantime I’d love to hear what you stand for.

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