28 Days of Writing Challenge

The Art of Blogging


Yet again this year I made my New Year’s resolution to Blog regularly…and yet again, by the time the first day of school came round again, I hadn’t started. Then I was tagged in a link to this post by Tom Barrett.

Like many others, I struggle to make the time in my day to clear the space and record my thoughts…so here I commit to putting aside 28 minutes, for 28 days to post my thoughts.


One of the major barriers to me ACTUALLY posting my thoughts is the quest for perfection combined with having too many topics to choose from…so for each week in the challenge, I’m going to use a thematic approach to constrain my topics.

This week’s series is going to focus on my experience as a mid-level leader in a government high school. In particular, I have just changed roles from a predominantly liaison and administrative leadership position, to one with a focus on curriculum, pedagogy and teacher practice. The key questions that I am working through currently are:

  • How do I work to build a teaching team that is passionate, professional and empowered to make a real difference in the lives of the students they teach?
  • How do I work to build a team professional learning culture that is driven from the “classroom”, individual and self-sustaining.

I’m looking forward to tracking my thinking as I work through this over the next month.

Hmmm…sticking to the 28 minute timeline is going to be hard.


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