Act Sense Decide Adapt

I’ve called the blog Act Sense Decide Adapt. This is a hangover from my limited military experience. It describes a decision making cycle with a bias towards action which is in direct conflict with a more deliberate Observe, Orient, Decide, Act (OODA) loop or Boyd cycle ( I believe that the pace of change in our global environment is such that if we observe (collect data) in order to identify and orient ourselves to the problem, by the time we have come around to deciding and acting, the dynamics of the original problem have shifted so much as to render our solution ineffective. The ASDA approach is connected the the “fail fast” approach ( By shifting to a bias for action, reflection and adaption, I believe that we are more likely to be able to design the learning programs that will engage the cohort of students we are working with in their current space and time.

As teachers, I believe that we need to actually be 21st Century learners, not just prepare our students to become them. We need to immerse ourselves in the emerging technologies, so that we can design the most appropriate learning experiences for our students. To this end, I’m committing to take more considered risks with both my teaching and leadership. I’m committed to learning by jumping in feet first, failing fast, working out what went wrong and refining both the product and the process, and I’m going to use this blog to document the progress…

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